Little's Lunches and Kitchen 30A

Chef Crafted and Fresh, The Market at 30Avenue

Little's Lunches and Kitchen 30A offers a fresh new perspective on school lunches and now market fresh foods.
Market foods and chef specials are made fresh and packaged ready to heat or served hot; uniquely paired to offer a full culinary experience that is simple and convenient. 
The kitchen at 30Avenue is open Monday through Friday till 4:00pm offering market fresh ready to heat foods, cooking classes, catering, and jarred goods. 
Daily chef specials are available on site and pre-order for pick up or delivery is available till 5:00pm. 
Visit or call the store for daily chef specials and last minute ready to heat dinners (850)276-5372.

Additional Programs, Products, and Services

DELICIOUS & Convenient

The weekly ordering form and Meal Subscriptions are both a great way to provide piece of mind for busy schedules

 while offer a wholesome way of eating. 🙋


 The weekly order form provides a simple way to order the week’s ready to heat dinners for pick up or delivery and school lunches all in one place! 


All entrees are made fresh and offer a protein, vegetable, and grain to meet the dietary needs for a meal and lunch items are served with fresh fruit. 

– All meals are carefully crafted to align with dietary needs while remaining the full portion of an adult meal. 


Meal Subscriptions

1st- Fill out the questionnaire of culinary preferences

2nd- Select your family size and number of preferred meals

3rd – Meals are made fresh and picked up or delivered weekly ready to heat! 🍲


Little's Lunches & Kitchen 30A
12805 U.S. Hwy 98 East Inlet Beach FL 32461
at 30Avenue

Little’s Kitchen chef crafted meals, private jarred products, and market foods are available at the 30A store
and available for to be pre-stocked in your vacation home.

Program, Products, and Services