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Cultivating easily and accessible options for children, families, and individuals, Little’s Lunches offers a simple and affordable way to receive high quality nutritious meals everyday.



Little’s Lunches specializes in offering nutritious hot lunches delivered to preschools and on campus k – 12th grade. Made fresh daily.

The kitchen offers a variety of hand jar’d products, fresh heat & eat family dinners, meal prep, chef specials, lunch, and a variety of baked goods.  



“Meeting basic nutritional needs is crucial for all children and building healthy habits is a life long investment. We want to make it affordable and easy for families and children to have access to home cooked meals everyday while encouraging healthy habits and nutritional awareness in all children.”
– Owners, Glenn and Jennifer Huggins

At the Kitchen

School Lunches - Family Dinners - Boxed Lunches - Catering

Little’s Lunches Kitchen is open for lunch Specials and Heat & Eat dinners Monday through Friday


Little’s Lunches is inspired by parents and local schools and focused on balanced nutrition.

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